Basque Country coach tours

The Basque Country is divided into three distinct political entities: two autonomous Spanish communities, as well as a portion of the French department Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The Basque Country is a land of tradition, culture and history between France and Spain located in the far west of the Pyrenees mountain range.

The Basque country, a world within itself: The Basque coast begins south of the river Adour with its fine sandy beaches that stretch nearly for nearly 155km through the Landes and Gironde departments. In the town of Anglet, the long beaches end leaving only little coves between the 30-50 m cliffs and mountains to dominate the rest of the region.

These Pyrenean mountains are central to the Basque Country and cut the latter in two to form the Franco-Spanish border. Discover the typical Basque houses representative of the region, where traditional activities, Basque rural games or Pelota nowadays take place along side more modern activities such as surfing and golf.

Our Basque Country coach tour departs from Bordeaux or from another location upon request.

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