Discover the « pays de quatre couleurs » (region of four colors) with the Dordogne’s beauty and gastronomy only 1 hour from Bordeaux.

Le Périgord Blanc owes its name to the white color of the limestone rocks used in the construction of numerous buildings in the area and is overflowing with historical treasures: The Saint-Front Cathedral, the Gallo-Roman Museum Vesunna and the famous Château de Neuvic.

Le Périgord Pourpre takes its name from the purple color of the vineyard’s leaves in autumn. Bergerac’s vineyards produce 13 AOC (controlled designation of origin) of red wine, dry white wine, sweet, fortified and rosé with Monbazillac, Pécharmant, and Montravel amongst the most prestigious names.

Le Périgord Vert is so named for the agricultural and wooded expanses that characterize its landscape. The area’s large number of waterways and green vegetation make this part of Périgord ideal for exploring.

Le Périgord Noir, also known as the « Sarladais », doesn’t take its name from its famous the black truffles but from its large dark oak forests and stretches from the Dordogne and Vézère valleys, taking in their numerous prehistoric sites.

Gastronomy: Nature has been kind with the Dordogne: foie gras, truffles, cèpes, chestnuts, walnuts, strawberries, cheese, wine and conserves to name a few. Périgord cooking revolves around simplicity and authenticity, showcasing the products local to the area.

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